With oil prices down, HTC is now your best source of cost effective, objective, independent, and professional facilities design assistance. Our patented, proprietary, focused and proven IPs assure superior results … at the right price!

At HTC we engineer and design complete production and salt water disposal facilities each and every day. We also design the many individual components of production process facilities day in and day out. We start with key details like proper sizing, ideal flow characteristics, hydraulic efficiency, lower friction losses, and ideal flow rates. We wrap them in comprehensive but affordable design packages. The results speak for themselves.

HTC’s intellectual properties, application engineering, and hands-on experience are our success and yours. Our several patents (six issued, three more pending) will complement our engineering expertise in 2014, and combine with the 21st century technologies from partner and affiliate firms to produce superior results for you.

HTC is well known for its design acumen. Its patented HWSB™ Skim Tank and DFSD™ Desanding Tank are now industry standards. Each DFSD™ protects more plants from solids buildups every day. Each HWSB™s recovers more oil, and produces far superior water quality than any API Gunbarrel. Every one of our SWD plant designs includes at least one HWSB™ Skim Tank, so in 2014 there are over 500 of them increasing oil recovery rates in applications from south Louisiana to Calgary! While older plants boast of 0.25% to 0.4% oil recovery rates HTC’s plants recover from .75% up to 4% and average about1.5% oil recovery because of our solid engineering. In a 10,000 b/d SWD plant that translates to added cash flow totaling more than $3.4 million … each and every year!

At HTC we consider Gunbarrels to be obsolete. They were never intended for high water cut applications. Our HWSB™ is designed for those applications.

In low water cut applications conventional Gunbarrel designs are now replaced by HTC’s 21st century HEGB™ Gunbarrel. This smaller, more efficient Gunbarrel design outperforms conventional API Gunbarrels. Proven in applications from west Texas to western India, the HEGB™ is simply amazing!

These and other HTC systems are standards of today’s oil industry, eliminating carryover, clarifying water, splitting flow, de-sanding inlet fluids, and putting the very last drop of oil in the sales tanks … where it belongs!

Our patents, proprietary technologies, partner affiliations, and fifty years of hands-on experience assure you that you get more than your money’s worth when you choose to work with HTC.

Oilfield Systems that Put More Oil in your Sales Tank (and more money in your account)!

With the price of oil at or near $100/barrel you want to keep and sell every drop of your oil. Our systems are designed to make this happen for you.

HTC’s patented HWSB™ Skim Tanks are working hard to recover more oil in over 500 applications in 2014. The HWSB™ is the most efficient atmospheric oil-water separation system there is. The same is true of the HEGB™ crude oil dehydrator. Each HEGB™ produces pipeline oil quality while the downstream HWSB™ clarifies water to injection/disposal quality. These systems put more oil in your sales tank, and send better quality water to your water plant!

HTC’s designs are fabricated by a group of qualified firms. To insure quality, HTC has prequalified only the most reputable USA fabricators. Internationally, we provide complete fabrication packages so qualified international fabricators can provide our systems anywhere on Earth.

HTC’s systems has a record of outperforming facility owner’s expectations!

HTC Technical Qualifications

  • Fifty years improving oilfield processes and equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of all oilfield processes and equipment
  • Thorough knowledge of oilfield chemistry, oil and water treating chemicals, and their most efficient applications
  • Six patents in the US and Canada (and three more pending)
  • 47 year member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
  • Expertise in Petroleum, Chemical, Civil, Process, & Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced designs for water processing, hydrocarbon processing, and vapor processing systems
  • Authorship of dozens of technical papers
  • Hundreds of success stories

HTC Commercial Advantages

  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Very reasonable engineering rates
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Professional readable reports, AutoCAD drawings, 3-D Models, color graphics & Excel tables

Engineering Disciplines

HTC offers the disciplines necessary to provide you with the design package you need. These include:

  • Conceptual process design
  • PFD and P&ID development
  • Detailed mechnical design
    • Plot Plan development
    • Vessel-by-vessel design with all nozzle orientations
    • Piping engineering
      • Sizing
      • Placement
      • Bills of Material
  • Detailed civil engineering
    • Foundation design
    • Containment systems
  • Detailed structural engineering
    • Vessel internals construction packages for local fabrication
    • API650 tank construction packages

HTC’s Partners and Affiliations

HTC is proud to team with several professional industry firms. Each firm has executed an NDA with HTC, assuring complete privacy and the security of all shared information. HTC’s key affiliations are:

HTC is proud to recommend the most efficient systems and components from industry-wide supplier/vendors like:

  • American Tank – Large Bolted Steel and Galvanized Steel Water/Oil Storage Tanks
  • Lightning Master - Lightning Protection Systems
  • Vaughan Pump – Washington State Manufacturer of Screw-Type Low Shear Pumps, Contact only Tom Thompson
  • Rosemount and/or Endress Hauser – Dual channel Guided Wave Radar tank level transmitters
  • Goulds – High Shear Centrifugal Transfer/Charge Pumps
  • Chromalox – Oilfield Tank Immersion Heaters
  • Jensen International Mixers – Oilfield Tank Mixers
  • FLOWSEAL Valves – High Performance Lug-type Butterfly Valves
  • Enardo – Industry Standard Pressure Vacuum Vent Valves, Flame, Deflagration, and Detonation Arrestors
  • Odessa Pump and Bolin Pump – various Pumping Systems
  • Panhandle Meter - LACT Systems
  • Baker Hughes, NOV, and Schlumberger, and GE – High pressure Multi-stage Horizontal Centrifugal “H” Pumps
  • NOV/Moyno and Roper – Low Shear Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems and Gear-Type Pumping Systems
  • FMC-Invalco – Liquid Level and Temperature Controls


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